Melissa Kaplan is a 2001 Graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument rated pilot. She spent the last six (6) years as an Airport Planner in the Airport Planning and Development section of the Idaho Division of Aeronautics. Melissa developed the Idaho Statewide Capital Improvement Program (ISCIP) which assisted the Idaho Transportation Department Division of Aeronautics (ITD-AERO), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), local governments, and ITD Transportation Planning Office and Headquarters, in anticipating and planning for future airport development capital needs and ensured they made strategic investments to maximize limited state, federal and local funding resources. She collected and coordinated the organization of 61 General Aviation Airport Capital improvement Plans (CIPs) for inclusion in the ISCIP.


The ISCIP became the primary tool she used to support and encourage the FAA and State to fund airport needs for maintaining and developing airports. To further strengthen the ISCIP, she developed a Non-Primary Entitlement (NPE) Transfer program that coordinated transfer and trade agreements between airports within Idaho maximizing NPE funds, reducing carryover and almost eliminating the chance of funds expiring. She also served as the backup 5010 airport inspector conducting several airport inspections a year, collecting valuable airport information and knowledge that ultimately gave her a very close and personal view of the airports she worked so hard to represent when prioritizing capital improvements and advocating for the airports for the limited funding available.


In addition, she developed and implemented an updated payment process for the Idaho Airport Aid Program which streamlined the steps and time it takes for airports to receive grant funds from the State.


During her time with Idaho Aeronautics, Melissa reviewed and provided valuable feedback and recommendations on numerous master plans for airports and consultants ensuring the documents were realistic, well-written and considered all FAA requirements pertaining to the classification of the airport.


She enjoys the constant contact with airport representatives, pilots, consultants and the FAA.


Melissa was born and raised in Idaho but now lives in Lemont, IL with her husband and their two children. Besides her obvious love of aviation, she also enjoys traveling, boating, exercise and spending time with family and friends.

208 861 0149

Lemont, IL, USA

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